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 Logistics Services & Supply Chain Solutions

Emers global logistics services & supply chain management span across a combined regional network from the markets of ASIA to Middle East, Europe and USA in delivering timely solutions for the raw material industry, fashion & retail Industry to the end consumer goods market. With a deeply rooted diverse industry knowledge plus innovative technology we leverage tailored and sustainable logistic and trade solutions with regional warehousing services that help our clients optimize their supply chain in staying ahead of today’s competitive and volatile environment.

We shape the blueprint of our commitment towards our customers by anticipating their needs and challenges while applying our visionary mindset in bringing global trade and communities together. As a logistic partner we project ourselves as a total solutions provider with an extensive land & air transportation network hub in allowing us to offer highly specialized and effective solutions for the major industries that we serve worldwide.

We seek to make a difference today and shape our world of logistic with a determination to connect people and goods and bring communities together. This is the very reason our diversified clients from multiple industries of traditional upstream manufacturing pioneers like FORMOSA GROUP, AURUBIS METALS to the fashionable world of global sports brand NIKE CALLAWAY etc… put their trust in us to seek an optimized and flexible supply chain management solution.

“Sustainability is a constant effort in our legendary levels of service , Customer service for us is a journey we enjoy and not a destination”


Sourcing in today’s vocabulary reaches far beyond the confines of one company or region. We provide the right choice in a diverse market of options with the right understanding to cater to each of our client’s raw material demand. We continuously manage and work closely with both our supplier chain partners and Industrial buyers to ensure the the right source of material with sustainability in a responsible manner.
We are committed to maximizing the sourcing value chain with superior customer service, product quality control, while co-ordinating  at all levels the procurement process, evaluations, certifications, negotiation and execution of our sourcing activities. These also include product performance, quality and overall value with due consideration to price, delivery and after service.

Supplier portfolio management is a critical element in Sourcing for which URMS is proud to work closely in the supply chain to mitigate risks and frictions associated in the sourcing process.